Cali Resources experts in sustainable reverse logistics assist partner recyclers in identifying lowest cost freight options, aggregated shipments, and consolidated freight.

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Leading Innovations in Recycler Collaboration

Why Us?


Integrated Logistics Expertise

We leverage the lowest-cost intermodal rail hubs and expertise in cross-border transportation to enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your recycling operations.


Comprehensive Collection Capability

As a leading recycling resource, we enable convenient local collection services for a vast array of electronic products, ensuring that your recycling needs are comprehensively met.


Maximized Reclamation Partnerships

We collaborate with specialized recyclers to sort, distribute, and maximize reclamation of metals, plastics, and specific items, enhancing overall recovery and profit.

FAQ For Recyclers

What makes Cali Resources a valuable partner for other recycling facilities?

We provide integrated logistics, comprehensive collection capabilities, and expert compliance management, ensuring that partner facilities can offer true recycling services efficiently and responsibly.

How does Cali Resources help ensure compliance with regulatory requirements?

Our processes include accurate monitoring and auditable tracking, crucial for adhering to stringent state and federal recycling regulations, thus safeguarding our partners against legal and environmental liabilities.

Can Cali Resources handle the recycling of large and diverse types of electronic waste?

Yes, our facilities and partnerships allow us to manage a wide range of electronic wastes, from display devices and appliances to office equipment, ensuring effective recycling and component recovery.

What logistical support does Cali Resources offer to recyclers?

We assist in identifying the lowest cost freight options and manage aggregated and consolidated shipments, making the logistics of recycling both cost-effective and efficient.

How does partnering with Cali Resources benefit my recycling business?

By leveraging our logistical expertise and comprehensive service offerings, your business can enhance its operational efficiencies, increase profitability, and maintain high standards of environmental compliance.

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Comprehensive Recycling Solutions

Integrated recycling services designed to manage electronic waste sustainably and responsibly.

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Efficient Material Recovery

Maximizing resource recovery through advanced processes for electronic waste recycling.

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Environmental Responsibility

Promoting eco-conscious practices to minimize the environmental impact of electronic waste disposal.

Talk to an Expert

Reach out to the experts at Cali Resources to explore how our cutting-edge recycling solutions can cater to your specific needs. With years of experience and a commitment to sustainability, our team is ready to provide you with secure, efficient, and environmentally responsible recycling services.

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Leading Industry-Wide Sustainability with Cali Resources

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About Us

Cali Resources leads in eco-friendly electronics recycling, providing comprehensive solutions across various industries. Committed to sustainability, we ensure responsible handling and repurposing of electronic waste, supporting a greener planet for future generations.


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