Cali Resources understands the vital role that consumers and end-users play in the recycling process.

Empowering Consumers for Environmental Responsibility

Recycling is not only essential for environmental preservation but also a legal requirement in many states where penalties for improper disposal are significant. We strive to make the recycling process as easy and accessible as possible for everyone. By collaborating with a network of local collectors and recyclers, and by hosting community collection events, we ensure that disposing of electronic waste is convenient for all conscientious citizens. Located in the San Diego area? Drop by our offices to recycle your unwanted electronic items safely and responsibly. We're also excited to host several collection events throughout the year, often in partnership with local businesses and organizations like the county Car Show, retail outlets, and the Girl Scouts. These events provide not just a recycling opportunity but a fun day out for the whole family, aligning enjoyable activities with eco-friendly practices.

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Why Choose Cali Resources for
Consumer Recycling?


Community Focused Initiatives

We partner with local businesses, educational organizations, and entertainment venues to host collection events, making recycling accessible while you enjoy community activities.


Legal Compliance Made Easy

With stringent laws governing disposal practices, Cali Resources helps you avoid fines by providing easy and compliant ways to recycle your electronic waste.


Reducing Environmental Impact

Your participation in our recycling programs helps reduce landfill waste, prevents pollution, and decreases the carbon footprint associated with transport and disposal.


Dedication to Sustainability

We are committed to the planet’s health and work tirelessly to facilitate the most environmentally friendly recycling methods available.

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Convenient Recycling Solutions

Easy and accessible electronic waste recycling options tailored for individual consumers.

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Data Privacy Assurance

Guaranteed data security and privacy protection for personal information on disposed electronic devices.

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Environmentally Conscious Choices

Empowering consumers to make eco-friendly decisions by responsibly recycling electronic waste.

FAQs for Consumer Recycling at Cali Resources

What items can I bring to Cali Resources for recycling?

We accept a variety of electronic waste including appliances, computer equipment, phones, and more. Please check our website or contact us directly for a detailed list.

Are there any fees for recycling electronics at Cali Resources?

Some items can be recycled for free, while others may require a small fee to cover processing costs. Detailed fee information is available on our website or by contacting our office.

How can I find out about upcoming recycling events?

Visit the News and Events section of our website for the latest schedule of collection events. You can also sign up for our newsletter to receive updates directly to your inbox.

What happens to the recycled items once they are collected?

Recycled materials are processed in our state-of-the-art facility where they are sorted, dismantled, and properly disposed of or repurposed according to environmental standards.

Can I just drop off my items anytime at Cali Resources?

For our local community in San Diego, you are welcome to drop off your recyclables during business hours. For specific times and requirements, please visit our website or contact us directly.

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Talk to an Expert

Reach out to the experts at Cali Resources to explore how our cutting-edge recycling solutions can cater to your specific needs. With years of experience and a commitment to sustainability, our team is ready to provide you with secure, efficient, and environmentally responsible recycling services.

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Leading Industry-Wide Sustainability with Cali Resources

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About Us

Cali Resources leads in eco-friendly electronics recycling, providing comprehensive solutions across various industries. Committed to sustainability, we ensure responsible handling and repurposing of electronic waste, supporting a greener planet for future generations.


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