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Recycling is a shared responsibility. By leveraging the lowest cost intermodal rail hubs and expertise in cross-border transportation, Cali Resources enables partner recycling facilities to provide true recycling for your clients.

As a recycling resource, we recognize the responsibility of other recyclers to provide convenient local collection services for a multitude of retired electronics, display devices, televisions, computer equipment, appliances, printers, copiers, and other items. Many recyclers provide comprehensive collection services for clients, then sort and distribute parts, metals, and plastics to other recycle partners who specialize in maximizing reclamation of specific items.

Many state regulations require accurate monitoring and auditable tracking of downstream processes. By partnering with Cali Resources, other recyclers are ensuring that products are being properly handled.

Cali Resources experts in sustainable reverse logistics assist partner recyclers in identifying lowest cost freight options, aggregated shipments, and consolidated freight.

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