Cali Resources has quickly become the environmental partner of choice for many other recyclers from coast to coast. Cali Resources is the Clear Choice for Recycling.

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Security and Precision in Manufacturer
Recycling Services

Why Us?


Industry Recognition

Cali Resources is widely acknowledged as the environmental partner of choice, trusted by recyclers nationwide for our integrity and reliability.


Eco-Friendly Practices

We are committed to sustainability, using environmentally responsible methods that contribute to a greener plane


Risk Mitigation

We take extensive measures to mitigate any risk of breach or unauthorized access, ensuring the highest level of security for all processed materials.

FAQ For Manufacturers

How does Cali Resources tailor its recycling solutions for manufacturers?

We offer specialized recycling programs designed to meet the unique needs of manufacturers, including secure data destruction, precise tracking, and certificates of destruction to ensure compliance with industry standards.

What security measures does Cali Resources implement to protect sensitive information during the recycling process for manufacturers?

Our rigorous protocols include detailed logging, labeling, and real-time monitoring to mitigate any risk of data breach, ensuring that all sensitive information on manufacturing equipment is securely handled.

Can Cali Resources handle large-scale recycling requirements from manufacturers?

Absolutely. Our facilities are equipped to manage large volumes of electronic waste from manufacturers, ensuring efficient processing while adhering to environmental regulations.

What benefits do manufacturers gain from partnering with Cali Resources for recycling?

Manufacturers benefit from our flexible revenue sharing options, comprehensive waste management solutions that reduce environmental impact, and enhanced corporate responsibility through sustainable practices.

How does Cali Resources assist manufacturers with regulatory compliance?

We ensure that all recycling processes not only meet but exceed government and industry-specific regulations, providing manufacturers with peace of mind that their recycled materials are handled legally and ethically.

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Streamlined Supply Chain Solutions

Efficient logistics solutions tailored to optimize your manufacturing supply chain

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Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

Implementing eco-friendly methods for sustainable production and resource management.

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Tailored Logistics Support

Customized logistics solutions to meet the unique needs of manufacturing industries.

Talk to an Expert

Reach out to the experts at Cali Resources to explore how our cutting-edge recycling solutions can cater to your specific needs. With years of experience and a commitment to sustainability, our team is ready to provide you with secure, efficient, and environmentally responsible recycling services.

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Leading Industry-Wide Sustainability with Cali Resources

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About Us

Cali Resources leads in eco-friendly electronics recycling, providing comprehensive solutions across various industries. Committed to sustainability, we ensure responsible handling and repurposing of electronic waste, supporting a greener planet for future generations.


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