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For a list of upcoming collection events being hosted by Cali Resources in your area, please visit the News and Events section of our web site. Cali Resources is honored to work with local authorities and organizations to host convenient collection events. Quite often, these collection events are also sponsored with corresponding retail partners, entertainment venues, and other special events, so you can enjoy a productive day while also contributing to the preservation of our environment with the proper disposal of your unwanted electronic equipment. For example, Cali Resources has collaborated with the county Car Show, retail establishments, and the Girl Scouts to create entertaining and enjoyable venues for collection events. Please review our calendar of events to plan an enjoyable day while doing something to help make a cleaner environment for our children.

Your conscientious contributions help us to avoid lead in landfills, and ensure the most direct route to the best processing, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of wasteful fuel and transportation costs. When in doubt, contact Cali Resources for a referral to one of our respected collector or recycler partners in your area.

For a responsible recycler in your area, call Cali Resources at

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