Electronic Waste

Experts in recycling a wide range of electronic products, from mobile phones to computer equipment, helping to reduce environmental footprint.

IT Asset Disposition

At Cali Resources, we understand the importance of responsibly managing IT assets throughout their lifecycle.

Refurbishing Capabilities

At Cali Resources, we offer comprehensive refurbishing services to unlock the full potential of your electronics.


Cali Resources is the trusted choice for renowned OEMs and brand-name manufacturers, who rely on us for NAFTA-compliant cross-border refurbishment, fulfillment, and recycling.


Returns management doesn't have to be a burden; it can be an opportunity.


Experience streamlined logistics solutions with Cali Resources. Our expert logistics team partners with professional dispatch services, specializing in sustainable reverse logistics supply chain solutions.

Data Destruction

We ensure data security by securely wiping stored information from electronic devices before recycling or refurbishing.


At Cali Resources, we specialize in transportation logistics, providing comprehensive freight forwarding and logistics solutions that optimize every aspect of your supply chain.