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About Us


Cali Resources adheres to the philosophy that every client / organization has a shared interest and responsibility to protect the environment. In this regard we are all partners with common interest, shared obligations, and guided by the same principles for fair business and environmental conservation. Our guiding principles are based on regulations, compliance, laws, common sense, and our role as a steward of the environment. It is our responsibility to:

  • Conduct business in a fair, impartial and ethical manner, in accordance with company values and Standards of Conduct, and in full compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Act with integrity and honesty
  • Respect and make reasonable efforts to protect the privacy of the client / organization, and the media / hard drives with which we are entrusted
  • Discover, understand and align with the client / organization goals and aspirationsIdentify and develop technology to maximize automation for productivity, collaboration, and minimize our collective carbon footprint
  • Mitigate risk for clients and partners with effective, accurate, and quality processes and reporting
  • Hold each source and downstream partner responsible and accountable with good faith audits
  • Recognize and reward internal talent, experience, skills, and the accomplishments or our personnel, encouraging each employee to attain personal goals
  • Contribute to the community as a responsible global citizen
  • Encourage and support the journey to preserve our environment for future generations

Environmental, Health and Safety Policy


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