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Carlos KelvinCEO, Cali Resources Inc.
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Carlos Kelvin, CEO of Cali Resources Inc., has more than fifteen years of experience providing full service recycling and asset recovery for electronics, electrical equipment, computers, and peripherals. Prominent OEMs rely on Cali Resources to provide NAFTA sanctioned cross-border fulfillment, and recycling from locations in San Diego, and Tijuana.

Carlos is a graduate of UC Berkeley, with a BA in International Trade. Born in Mexico City, he was raised as a U.S. citizen and worked at Philip Morris / Miller Brewing Division. Frequent appearances at universities and educational seminars have established Carlos Kelvin as a popular guest lecturer and reliable resource on the subjects of e-waste and international business.

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The People of Cali Resources

At Cali Resources, we are very proud to have some of the most experienced and dedicated members in the recycling industry. Cali Resources maintains the highly skilled, experienced, and low cost labor. We are able to do this because we maintain a loyal staff of dedicated employees. Many of our employees have been with Cali Resources since our early days, growing with the company, adapting to the evolving legislation, and accommodating the dynamic demands of our clients. We train and retain our valued staff members, enhancing experience and capabilities on both sides of the border. Based on our location, Cali Resources can easily adjust to fluctuations in processing manpower demands at lower costs. Our organization creates new opportunities for personal development, and our company culture is based on the old fashioned principles of family values.

Take away the people and the factories will fall silent and still. Take away the facilities, and the people will build new ones. You can count on the people of Cali Resources.

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